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The Cresap Rifle Club maintains an outdoor range facility with covered handgun, rifle and black powder firing lanes. The facility is open to the public during the weekends. Volunteer NRA certified range safety officers are present at all times to ensure a safe and pleasant shooting experience. Spotting scopes, sandbags and improvised pistol rests are available for shooters to use if so desired. Ear protection, eye protection, drinks and snacks can be purchased at the clubhouse window for a minimal small fee. We do not sell ammunition so please make sure you bring what you will need for your visit! Men and women's bathrooms are provided via porta-johns. Make sure that you are familiar with the range safety rules before visiting us!

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Handgun Shooting Lanes

Handgun Lanes
The Cresap Rifle Club provides handgun shooters with sixteen (16) covered outdoor handgun benches with targets at both 10 and 25 yards. Spotting scopes, improvised handgun rests and sand bags are available for users who wish to use them. Benches are separated by Plexiglas barriers to deflect brass.

Handgun shooting is done from the standing position only. No rifles are allowed on the pistol line.

Rifle Shooting Lanes

Rifle Lanes
The Cresap Rifle Club provides rifle shooters with twenty (20) covered outdoor rifle benches with targets at both 50 and 100 yards and one rifle sight-in bench with targets at 25 yards. Spotting scopes and sand bags are available for users who wish to use them. Benches are separated by Plexiglas barriers to deflect brass.

Rifle shooting is done from the sitting position only. Shotguns must be shot with slugs only. No rifles that are .50 caliber or larger will be allowed on the rifle lanes.

Black powder Shooting Lanes

Blck Powder Lanes
The Cresap Rifle Club provides black powder shooters with four (4) covered outdoor black powder benches with targets at both 50 and 100 yards. Spotting scopes and sand bags are available for users who wish to use them. a loading bench is provided behind the black powder benches. Black powder firearms will be loaded behind the benches and capped only while on the bench and facing downrange. Benches are separated by Plexiglas barriers for privacy. Black powder pistols can be used on the black powder firing line but it is important to note that targets at 50 and 100 yards probably do not provide an adequate range for use. As a result of the target distances use of black powder pistols is strongly discouraged and may be prohibited based upon the range officers review.

Black powder shooting is done from the standing position only.

Cease Fire and Target Changes

Cease fires are typically performed at the top of each hour but can be performed more often if needed. The Cresap Rifle Club volunteer range officers will post new targets at this time. Once the firing line has been cleared you will be notified that it is safe to go down range and retrieve your targets. At this time you may also post new targets of your own if you wish. Targets must conform to NRA standards and cannot be in the form or silhouette of an animal or human.

During hunting season it can get very busy at the Cresap Rifle Club! During these times the range officers will run relays in order to give everyone a chance to shoot. Because most visitors simply want to sight in their rifle for hunting the wait is usually not very long. We ask for your patience during these times as it requires an even closer attention to safety and this will always supercede managing the relays. The range officers would appreciate the help of the visitors in brass clean up and target changes.

Tips for your first visit

The Cresap Rifle Club is located on Plant Rd. We are the second range to your left. You will park in the gravel parking lot on the right side of Plant Rd just after you pass our gate. The walk from the parking lot to the range is uphill. We recommend placing everything in a range bag or backpack for easy transport to and from your vehicle. Handicapped access is available through the member's only driveway.

  • Safety is taken seriously at Cresap! It is imperative that you read and understand the range rules before entering the range.
  • You should understand the basic rules of safe firearms handling. If you make a mistake we will correct you firmly. Our range safety officers are required to maintain a safe facility and will place that before everything including pleasantries. Please do not be offended. We believe that safety is of the utmost importance and will not compromise that for any reason. With that said our volunteers are all very friendly and welcoming and as long as you follow the rules you will have a very enjoyable experience.
  • When you approach the covered clubhouse we suggest that you place ear protection on before entering as it can be quite loud during a live fire session.
  • If you do not have ear or eye protection it can be purchased just inside the covered range. You will also need to wear eye protection before you cross the yellow firing line.
  • Please do not bring a holstered firearm into the range. Holstered firearms are strictly prohibited. This applies to everyone including off-duty law enforcement.
  • We prefer that all firearms brought into the range be cased. If you do not have a case then MAKE SURE that your action is open, the firearm is unloaded and the muzzle is above your head and pointed UP. Do not walk into the range with the muzzle pointed in any other direction other than UP.
  • You may NOT use cameras to take photographs and video.
  • We do not allow handling of firearms during a cease fire. Since we do not know if your range bags, backpacks and other belongings have firearms in them you are best to wait outside before entering the covered range during a cease fire. If you are already inside the covered range when a cease fire is called please set your belongings down and place your firearms in the provided ready racks. Do not touch them until we call the firing line HOT again, this includes bags, purses or anything large enough that could contain a firearm.
  • We do not sell ammunition at the range. Please make sure you bring adequate ammunition for your visit.
  • The Cresap Rifle club typically performs target changes at the top of each hour. Once we have cleared the line after a cease fire is called our range officers will post new targets for everyone. Shooters who would like to post their own targets are welcome to do so as long as the targets are appropriate for the range. We will not allow any human silhouettes of any kind.
  • During certain times of the year, usually hunting season, we may need to run relays so that everyone visiting the range will have an opportunity to shoot. It is best that you arrive when we first open up if you want to be sure of getting a bench.
  • When uncasing or casing a firearm ALWAYS make sure that it remains pointed downrange at all times. Ensure that the action is open as well.
  • If you are unsure of anything or have further questions before visiting then please feel free to contact us and one of our volunteers will answer your questions. See you at the range!

Public Hours of Operation

The Cresap Rifle Club is a covered, outdoor shooting range open to the public rain or shine.

Our facility is open to the public on Sunday's only between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM with the exception of some holidays. If for some reason our facility will not be open on a Sunday then we will post this information on our home page. We are an outdoor facility so make sure you dress appropriately for the season.

Fee Schedule

We are a non-profit organization and operate solely on your contributions. The fees for use of the facilities and related items are as follows:
  • $15.00 per shooter, paid upon entry for the first 45 minute session.
    • All Additional sessions will be $5.00 each.
    • All sessions will start at the top of the hour.
  • $1.00 for ear plugs
  • $3.00 for eye protection
  • $1.00 each for bottled water, soda, and snacks

  • Please use $20 bills or smaller. We are not always able to make change for large denomination bills. Thanks.
Above and beyond the fee schedule listed above, we greatly appreciate donations greater than the ones defined above. All of your donations will go towards the operation of the facilities, Jr. rifle team, firearm and hunter education programs as well as community outreach efforts.

Picture Gallery

Entrance Path
Gravel walkway used by visitors to access the range

Pistol Benches
Close up of a handgun bench

10 Yard Handgun Line
10 yard handgun targets

25 Yard Handgun Line
25 yard handgun line

Covered Rifle Line
Covered rifle benches

Black Powder Line
Front of rifle benches

50 and 100 Yard Rifle Targets
View of both 50 and 100 yard rifle targets

Larry Hardrode Wisner
In memory of Larry Wisner

Handgun Line
View of covered handgun benches

10 and 25 yard Handgun Line
10 and 25 yard handgun targets

Sight-in Bench
25 yard targets at sight-in bench

Rifle Bench
Close up of rifle bench

50 Yard Rifle Line
50 yard rifle targets

50 and 100 Yard Rifle Line with Baffles
50 and 100 yard rifle targets showing our baffles